Newest Sky3DS supports latest 3DS console with builit-in Kernel region free support Multi-rom

This latest SKY3DS flashcard supports multi-roms,  it enables you playing 3ds games on any 3DS console directly, including the most recent version V11.2.0-35E/U/J. Sky3DS in Stock on sale promotional competitive price than ever! only $62

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It's confirmed! SKY3DS/SKY3DS+ can support the newest 3DS V11.2.0-35 (10/25/2016)


Sky3DS template file is updated now! You can download it here


Official Users Instructions for SKY3DS click here:

Sky3ds User Instructions

How to use SKY3DS with the updated DiskWriter V2.02b1


SKY3DS Works Great with the Smea's RegionFOUR!!!

Operating Video:

SKY3DS supports 3DS V11.1.0-34 perfectly with no game limit

Why Buy SKY3DS From

---SKY3DS Cards are full IN STOCK, 3DStown is the SKY3DS official reseller in USA&Australia market, all SKY3DS cards we sent from now on are NEW SKY3DS (it is blue button on the top, no game limit), there is no limit any more for you downloading games to play with this special gorgeous SKY3DS!
---All SKY3DS shipped out to clients has been strictly inspected! And you can enjoy free shipping by Express if the order quantity is more then 3 pieces!(Note: some remote region is exclude from free shipping)
---All SKY3DS are 100% original with reasonable price to worldwide.
---We promise guarantee that any of the defective SKY3DS you could ask for a replacement or refund.


SKY3DS Main Features:

1, This new SKY3DS has the builit-in Kernel, the kernel has been flashed in to the card. So there's no need for you to copy the kernel file. Just Downloading the Game roms to the micro sd card that's all the steps, Plug & Play, It's very easy to use for your device.
2, It's confirmed that this new SKY3DS works perfectly with the Smea's regionthree for region free!(01/17/2015)
3, With this new sky3ds you can add/delete games you want, restore/backup game and game data.
4, With this new sky3ds you can share the game archive files on different console.
5, Support Multi-rom.
6, Support any 3DS system version(including the newest V11.2.0-35E/U/J
7, Support all New 3DS/3DSLL, 3DS/XL, 2DS consoles(US,EU,JP).
8, Support eShop and online game.
9, Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB SDHC cards.
10, Works perfectly with the homebrew loader Ninjhax (SSSpwn)!(11/21/2014)



Latest news:

*Sky3DS working Xenoblade Chronicles on new 3ds V11.1.0-34

Pease Review the Latest SKY3DS Download here: SKY3DS Download

DiskWriter V2.02b1 NEW FUNCTION DETAILS YOU CAN REVIEW HERE:What is the new function of DiskWriter V2.02?


* It's confirmed! Sky3DS works perfect with the Smea's regionthree for region free! (01/17/2015)

Note: Regionfree will not work with the New 3DS or New 3DSXL

* New Sky3DS(blue button) review released(by GBAtemp )! See here. (01/17/2015)


SKY3DS Latest FAQ:

Q: I have a new 3ds with the firmware V11.2.0-35E/U/J version. your new flashcard can work on this version or not?
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can support the newest 3DS V11.2.0-35E/U/J.

Q: Can this flashcart play 3ds game online? ex : pokemon and doing a wonder trade or battle with people online.
A: Yes, Sky3DS card can play 3DS game online as a genuine gamepad did, can also save, load, edit etc....

Q: Do you have a user guide for diskWrtierV1.05 tool?
A: Please see the diskWrtierV1.05 user guide here.

Q: I just bought a sky3ds linker (blue button) and let me know if it is compatible with the .cia game format and support eShop game?
A: No, SKY3DS can only support original retail game card dumps .3DS format, it doesn't support the .cia format and eShop game.

Q: Do you have a "game compatibility" list for SKY3DS card?
A: We do a compatible game list, all were included in our newest template file, see here.

Q: Can this Sky3DS play standard DS/DSi games?
A: No, SKY3DS can play 3DS games only(original retail game card dumps .3DS format).

Q: Could you please explain how template data is made so that I can make it myself ?
A: Please see the instructions here to build a new game file head info by yourself, and email us those "pre-file", we will process and add it into the new updated template file later.

Q: The roms on my Sky3DS (red button) load for a few seconds then unload and go to the next rom,the card just automatically cycles through every rom I have.What's wrong with that?
A: For those old SKY3DS(red button) card users, just hold the button for 5 seconds and press "A" to enter that game while its icon to pop up on screen. Please also see more details here.

Q: Don't know why i can only play the first game on my microSD card, it can't switch to other games when i press the blue button?
A: Please format your microSD card or try another new one, and download the rom from other more reliable sources, make sure it's retail game pad dumps(not an eshop game), and has the same region with your 3DS console.

Q: Does saving work on games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon X and Y,also does this allow cheats and homebrew?
A: Yes,you can save, reload, edit on any 3DS games as a genuine gamepad did. Sorry, no cheats, no homebrew at the moment.


What's the SKY3DS include ?
The SKY3DS has only one card. Buy you must buy a micro sd card to hold the 3DS roms. The Max size is 128GB. And Sandisk SD has the best compatibility with Sky3DS.


Review about SKY3DS:

The SKY3DS works on 3DS, 2DS all versions . here are some main features of sky3ds.

  1. You can only write exist game in the list of template.txt . So this card can't play all the 3DS games currently.but the work is in progress. Finally we can play all the 3DS games.
  2. No game list, the template.txt is difficult to understand,it seems the game ID KEY,so normal users can't change this file.most of the famous games can be flashed.
  3. You can add/delete games you want, restore/backup game and game data.
  4. It's safe to work on all the console with any version.
  5. You can share the game archive files on different console.

SKY3DS support mutil-roms in one card.

SKY3DS has the best compatibility in the 3DS flashcart world. It can works any 3DS system consoles.Include the new console NEW 3DSLL

Support total retail game card functions,save,connect with wifi,online play...don't need worry about the compatibility.increace the Sublimation of gaming.

No Region Locking, It's official confirmed! Sky3DS works perfect with the Smea's regionFOUR for region free!

SKY3DS has builit-in Kernel,the kernel has been flashed in to the card. So you don't need copy the kernel file. Download the Game roms to the micro sd card that's all the steps. It's very easy to use.

You can find GBA Flashcard here: EZ4 GBA Flashcard, EZ4 GBASP Flashcard, EZ4 GBM Flashcard, EZ Flash 4, EZ 4 MicroSD, EZ Flash 4 new version


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