1. What’s A9LH?
A9LH is the abbreviation of arm9loader Hax. It’s another superior method of loading hax that runs early in boot and opens up the opportunity for things such as true custom firmware.
2. What’s the advantage of A9LH?
Loading speed: Strat to Coldboot directly, load arm9loaderhax.bin file in the same time
Loading success: It will not crash no matter how you start, 100% Bootrate
Support the newest real system
Compatibility: A9LH will not affect the theme loopholes which you have done.


3. Some weakness
It required a TF or SD card. You must make sure the 3DS built-in TF/SD is saved at arm9loaderhax.bin, this will be loading while starting up. If not, the new version of A9LH will be shot down automatically.
All of the SYSNAND is patched CFW
The only way to unload A9LH is to restore the installation NAND which A9LH done before.


4. Compare A9LH with MenuHax
Boot priority: A9LH > MenuHax
Perform Homebrew suffix: A9LH: *.bin   MenuHax: *.3dsx
Stability: A9LH  >>>  MenuHax
Compatibility: A9LH <=  MenuHax (The use of *.bin is less than *.3dsx at present. We suggest you to use Homebrew loader with A9LH)


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SKY3DS(blue button) Features,

  • The SKY3DS works on 3DS,2DS all versions(supporting 10.4.0-29)
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  • Multi-rom support in one card
  • Support total retail game card functions,save,connect with wifi,online play…don’t need worry about the compatibility.increace the Sublimation of gaming.
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SKY3DS+ (SKY3DS PLUS) is the new product of sky3ds team,which was published on Dec 1st.

Let’s introduce SKY3DS+ in detail as follows:


New Features:

* Included all the features of Sky3DS;

* Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;

* More easier to use, copy and play, no diskWriter required;

* Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;

* AP checks solved;

* Firmware updatable.


Firmware update:

sky3DS+ will come with the newest firmwareV4 (FIRMWARE_VERSION=4 in the settings.txt, you don’t need to do any update at the moment), we will keep it updated on our site if needed.

1.Download the updated firmware.bin from, and copy it into the root directory of your microSD card.

2.Insert your microSD card into sky3DS+, connect your PC and sky3DS+ with a USB cable(come

with, which can also work as a USB Adapter once connection built).

3.The LED red light will turn on for 10 seconds, then turn to the green light and keep flashing for 10 seconds, once the light turn off it means the sky3DS+ has been updated successfully.

Alert: Never unplug the USB cable while the green light keep flashing, it might damage your sky3DS Plus card!

4.Delete the firmware.bin file in your microSD card.


How to use SKY3DS+ plus for playing 3DS games?

1. Copy the 3ds games (.3ds format) into the Mircro SD  card root directory of Sky3ds+ Plus.
2. Copy the “firmware.bin” and “gamelist.bin” into the Micro SD card root directory.
***Download the “firmware.bin” (Kemel fileand) “gamelist.bin” from the official website of Sky3ds, and these two files “firmware.bin” and “gamelist.bin”  just like the template file of old Sky3ds, which will keep updated by Sky3ds official site.

3. Insert Micro SD into Sky3ds+ Plus, and then connect Sky3ds+Plus to your PC by the USB cable.
After that, you will see the red light of Sky3ds+Plus twinkling for 10 seconds,
then green light of Sky3ds+Plus will twinkling for 10 seconds,
then the light off.  ( This process is installing the kemel, which you just copy “firmware.bin” into the Micro SD card.)
You could delete the “firmware.bin” file after it installed, coz it will be installed itself each time connecting the Sky3ds+Plus to PC. And copy the latest file which updated on sky3ds official website.

4. Insert the Sky3ds+Plus into 3DS console–>enjoy the game while the game icon appear.

Further instruction:
Pull out while the game icon appeared on the screen of 3DS console.
Insert the Sky3ds+Plus into the PC–>open the removable disk–>you will find there are “setting.tex” and “gamelist.sav” files–>click open the “setting.tex” file, you will see two lines of codes:

1st line is your kemel version,
Set the “CREATE_PER_GAME_SETTINGS = 1″ (default is 0, you can change it anytime) and save it. Then a CFG file will be created in your microSD card after a game has been played, it is the rom header of each game which you could build it by yourselt .And the CFG file is the rom header file for the game of the same name,which is used for revising the rom header of the game.

Where to buy SKY3DS+ in Australia?

Sky3DS+ will come out formally on Dec 15th, 2015, from now on you guys can pre-order Sky3DS+ in our site 3DSTOWN.NET, we will only send you the new item to the worldwide. Come on and dont miss the new powerful 3ds game flashcard-SKY3DS+.


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Homebrew system–NTR CFW 3.2 is released

NTR CFW 3.2 is released on the official twitter of CodenameNTR on Nov 27, 2015.

With the new feature as below:
1 Experimental Real-Time Save feature.

Important Notice for Real-Time Save feature
This is an experimental feature and have some limits in current version:
1 For most games, save/load must be started in the game scene, do not save/load in movies, menus, etc.
2 The real-time savegame is only valid in current instance of game, the savegame won’t be loadable after the game was closed or console was turned off.
3 Load/save must be performed in the Home Menu while the game is paused, do not return to game until the operation is finished. (it may take about 30 seconds)
4 Some games are totally incompatible with this feature.

Known issues:
Microsd Transfer Application is not workable in NTR Mode, use it in OFW.

How To Install(BootNTR)
1 Install the BootNTR.cia in Sysnand or Emunand, copy the ntr.bin into the sd card.
2 Execute the BootNTR application in home menu then it will boots NTR CFW.
BootNTR.cia and NTR files:

Download here


How To Inistall(Legacy, Cubic Ninja required, only available on New3DS)
1 A EU/AUS/JP/USA New 3DS with firmware 8.1.0/9.0.0/9.1.0/9.2.0. (We will add supports for old3ds and other regions later, however firmware >= 9.3.0 might never be supported);

2 A Cubic Ninja gamecard, using a eShop version is ok.
Attention: If you have already installed the previous version of NTR, you have to earse the savedata(described in step 3) and scan the newest QR Code again.

You have to connect to the Internet for the first time installing the BootNTR. After the installation, the Internet connection is no longer required. Disabling Internet connection is recommended to avoid system updates.

1 Download zip.
2 copy ntr.bin to your N3DS’s microsd card.
3 Start Cubic Ninja, Click Edit->QR Code and scan the QR file. (JAPAN.png for JP consoles, and EUROPE_USA.png for other consoles)
(Hint: If you have installed other exploits already, hold L+R+X+Y at game’s main menu to erase the savedata)
4 Press A to install the BootNTR.
5 Turn off your console.

How to boot into NTR Mode:
1 Turn on you console, wait a few seconds before starting Cubic Ninja.
2 Click Edit->QR Code, after booted up successfully, the screen will flashes blue and rerturn to Home Menu.
3 If it was failed, turn off the N3DS and try again.
4 Enjoy!


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DSTWO PLUS Plug-in UPDATE–GW SIMULATOR V1.04 [Nov 24,2015]

[DSTWO PLUS] GW plugin V1.04 Released [Nov 24,2015]

with the feature as below:

Support Firmware GW ULTRA 3.0 – 3.5.1

Related Reading:

GW plugin Version 1.03 2015-11-07

1,Improved CARD2 save speed.
2,Fixed play 3ds games online error.



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